LGBT Counselling

Many LGBT people live happy, rewarding lives with the full support of their family, friends, work colleagues and community. Yet discrimination and stigma still persist. This means that LGBT people are vulnerable to a unique set of stressors which result from living as a sexual minority in a predominantly heterocentric world.

Unfortunatley prejudice, discrimination, bullying, social marginalisation – and in some cases physical violence – can result in acute and chronic low-level stress for LGBT people.

This is why I ofeer specialist LGBT-friendly counselling to help you to effectively navigate the experience of living in a world where social stigma and discrimination still lingers. I offer strengths-based counselling to help you to enhance your existing coping strategies and stress management skills, alleviating anxiety and reducing chronic stress.

In addition to the common relationship issues faced by heterosexual couples, domestic violence and sexual coercion is also prevalent in LGBT couples, with 30% of same-sex attracted people reporting intimate partner violence in their relationships. I am qualified to provide you with relationship and anger management counselling both for yourself and your partner to address any challenges that you are facing to significantly improve your mental health and relationship outcomes.


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