The relationship we have with ourself sets the tone for every other relationship we have.

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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Anita Demetriou and I am a qualified RELATE trained counsellor.

I specialise in working with both couples and individuals in a relationship focused approach. I'm also an experienced life coach who can help you achieve your goal.

I fully comply with all professional practice ethics laid down by both BACP and EMCC. I undertake continual professional development, am fully insured and responsibly supervised. All work will be undertaken with appropriate confidentiality in order to provide a safe environment.

You will find my approach warm and empathic. I strive to provide a comfortable, calm and safe space for you to relax and open up. All of our sessions will work to your pace as I invite you to talk freely and trust in the process.

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"Being a Counsellor myself I was looking for someone with whom me and my partner could go to, being safe a…"

– George

"When I met Anita I was in denial about the break up of my marriage, dealing with issues of loss, failure and about my ex partners infidelity I was quite…"​

– Jackie

"A great counsellor who looks at ways to promote healthy well being from both a cognitive behavioural approach and coaching aspect. Anita will encourage you to look beyond yourself and…"

– Michelle

"On the break-up of my marriage I felt very low and purposeless and slowly realised that I needed some help to get my life back on track. Having already met…"

– Isabelle

"Anita has a special charisma. From the moment I sat down she achieved to make me feel comfortable to open up. I immediately felt that I have been known her… "

– Angela
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