Being a Counsellor myself I was looking for someone with whom me and my partner could go to, being safe and willing to take me on knowing I would be aware of skills and techniques…
After meeting Anita we both said she was the right person for us as we both felt that our needs were tended to from the very first session and continued from there on. Anita allowed me to see how thinking emotionally can sometimes stop me from seeing what’s necessary to do. She helped me to understand that, even as a counsellor, I can sometimes over look some of the more important things by letting emotions get in the way. Anita’s ability to calmly intervene in couples’ sessions is second to none, and her understanding of how a person can make the other feel by just a slightest misunderstanding. This is an ability that comes from understanding with empathy and by experience. The surprise for me was what I gained from individual sessions: when you go for couple’s counselling, you also can have individually counselling. Personally that’s where I gained a lot in my understanding of my personal thoughts and behaviour into my relationship, just by planting a little seed of thought that left me in deep transition for the next session allowed me too look at my own behaviour. Anita’s counselling abilities are exemplary. But also her mentoring capabilities as a professional as well. I highly recommend her.

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