On the break-up of my marriage I felt very low and purposeless and slowly realised that I needed some help to get my life back on track. Having already met Anita, I knew how beneficial her support had been, so I decided to see how she could help me and now I am very glad that I did. Through her warm personality she created an environment where I felt safe to expose my feelings and work through what and why certain things had happened to me in my life. Her expertise upon diverse skills as both a counsellor and coach made me realise that I was important and that I could find happiness again. She allowed me to take things at my own pace and by us working together, along with her patience, empathy and ability to put things in prospective, I became able to turn my life around. I truly believe that without her guidance and help I would not be in the good place that I am now. It is reassuring to know that should I lose my way again, she is always there to help.

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