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47 things that define
true love

“Along with the new wrinkle on my forehead and the increasing severity of hangovers, getting older has also brought me something a lot more welcome — it’s brought me a little bit of wisdom.” 10 October 2017 by Hilary White

Breaking Up (with a Friend)
Is Hard to Do

“As the years wore on, I began to realize that the shame and blame I was feeling were the remnants of the imbalance in the relationship.” 30 October by Erin Swinson

5 Steps to Better Sex in a Relationship

“Much of relationship research has focused on general relationship satisfaction, which is an area of clear importance.” 23 October 2017 by Grant H. Brenner

The Key to Happy Relationships? It’s Not All About Communication

“Communication is not sufficient when couples are under stress.” 16th August 2013 by Francine Russo