What makes a good coach?

Elements that make a good coach are personal qualities, training, experience and instinct. Knowing which to use and when come from experience. Personal qualities are about being human, being approachable, warm and empathic. Being a coach has changed me as a person. I too have had to look at myself and my behaviour. Through understanding myself better, I can be more effective as a coach. I work with clients in an open, compassionate way, I try to be authentic and remain non-judgemental at all times. I follow the BACP’s and EMCC’s ethical framework and aspire to candour, care, courage, diligence, empathy, fairness, humility, integrity, resilience respect sincerity and wisdom.

All these qualities are helpful, but I believe that the relationship is key to everything. The quality of the relationship with the client is fundamental to the working relationship and the biggest indicator that I am working effectively. As a coach, I tailor my speed and approach according to my clients at the level that is most helpful for them. I ask for feedback from them regularly in order to gage what is right to them. 

What makes a winning combination?

An effective coach facilitates effective behavioural change. Coming from a counselling background, I am able to work with clients from many different levels and with many different approaches. One very important factor is building good rapport and trust.

Why me?

As an experienced coach I have worked with individuals from many different backgrounds, religions and personalities. I am warm, approachable, but professional. I will help and support you through this process.

The sessions are confidential. 

Our first session together will be about establishing what you are wanting from coaching, what are your current circumstances, why do you feel that you could benefit from having a coach and whether I will be the right person for you.

If you do want to proceed, then we will talk more about this and the process.

What would life coaching give you?

Life coaching is a way of working that uses a collaborative solution-focused, holistic approach. The aim is to facilitate and enhance life experience, personal growth and self directed learning. Coaching will give you a clearer picture of yourself, improve confidence and self belief. Through understanding your situation and what you want to achieve more clearly, it will equip you with tools to create better opportunities. This will help you move forward in a positive, more satisfying way. This is a non-judgemental, non-directive approach. You, the client are the author of your life. Coaching will give you the confidence to deal with life in a more proactive, effective way.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to contact me to start the conversation.