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What can you achieve through couple counselling?

Couple counselling will help with your relationship and enable you to move forward in a better healthier way. It will enable you both to talk about your issues, to communicate better and to have a healthier, more respectful and supportive relationship. However, if through this process you find that you wish to separate, it will also support you both through this.

What can individual counselling help you to achieve?

Individual counselling could be relational, or personal. Perhaps you are struggling with your partner’s behaviour, or have suffered trauma, or going through bereavement. Individual counselling will help you to talk about what is troubling you, it can help you to gain awareness and enable you to move forward.

What can you expect from life coaching?

Coaching is about achieving results. It can help to enhance your career goals, to develop as a person, and achieve your potential. The aim is for you to be the person you want to be, to achieve that new job, or have the life you have always aspired to through a process of change.

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