What you can achieve from a COACH?

Seeing a coach means you probably have goals and outcomes that you want to achieve and you are seeking support from someone who can also push you through your own obstacles. You need someone more challenging, that is able to encourage you to move forward and also capable of helping you to and your own resources and strengths that allows you to pursue your target.

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Do you feel stuck?

Many of us at one time or another are dissatisfied where we are, or where our life, job, relationship is going. Sometimes we find ourselves in the same rut, doing the something again and again and not able to change. We know we have the potential to do more, to be more, achieve more, but can’t understand why we can’t seem to act, can’t seem to get there. Going to a coach will help you find a way forward. A coach will help you to find new, more positive ways of managing a situation, enable you to see what is getting in the way and help you develop better strategies that are more productive. They will help you to find those hidden talents that you knew you had, but couldn’t tap into.

Would you like to be able to move on?

Being in your ‘comfort zone’ is great, it enables you to feel safe, but won’t enable you to get that job you have always wanted, or be the person you have always wanted to be if only things didn’t get in the way. We can always find excuses, reasons why you weren’t able to achieve, reasons why life threw us a bad deal. If you have decided that now is the time to take action, to move on and get to that place you want to be in, deserve to be, were born to be. Then now is the time. Sometimes however, we all need a little helping hand, some support and encouragement,  guidance. Asking for help is not a weakness, but a strength. Recognising this isn’t always easy. Coaching will enable you to move on, will give you those opportunities you have longed for, but were unable to find.

Can you see yourself achieving more?

Change can be scary. We want change, but when it finally happens, it can feel unfamiliar and unsafe. It can take us time and a great deal of effort and sometimes can feel overwhelming. This is ‘normal.’ Change can also happen instantly, but can take quite a few attempts to maintain. Understanding this is part of the process. Athletes don’t just happen. There is a great deal of effort involved, but like most athletes they work with a coach, they have guidance and support to achieve their goal. Coaching will help you realise you potential and seeing is part of this process. Visualising ourselves is important, we need to imagine ourselves as the person we want to be, visualise ourselves having that job, overcoming our fears, and finally achieving that goal, and then we can see ourselves getting there.