Why come to see a couple counsellor?

Couples come to counselling for many reasons. It might be that a couple comes to counselling because something is not working in their relationship. It could be that they have just found out about that their partner is having an affair, or they are having constant arguments, or they have separated and want to see if they can give it another go.

What couples achieve from couple counselling

Counselling will enable you to achieve a better understanding of yourself and your partner, which in turn will help you to deal with your relationship more effectively. Through conversations around intimacy, sex, love, expectations, anxiety, fears, hopes and dreams, among other things, the aim is to create possibilities for you both to explore more about what you want or feel you need from your relationship. This will hopefully help you both to be more empathic, respectful and supportive with each other, as well as equipping you with better tools and skills so you can work together better.

Why me?

As an experienced relationship counsellor, I have many years of working with couples and individuals with many different issues from many different backgrounds, religions and personalities. I am warm, approachable and professional and I work from a non judgment and impartial approach.

The sessions are confidential. They provide a safe environment for you to talk openly. The first session will be a consultation. In this session we will talk about how we will work together, what has bought you to counselling, what you want from counselling and whether I will be the right person for you.Then if you do want to proceed, we can talk more about this and the process.

What can you expect from the sessions?

The sessions are ongoing and are not fixed. They are client led, so that you can end when you want. I work with your agenda and tailor the sessions to your needs. I welcome feedback, work transparently and review regularly in order to check if we are going in the right direction. Some of the sessions will┬ábe with you both and some individually. Some couples welcome this and some don’t, but it might give you the opportunity to talk things through.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to contact me to get the conversation started.