Counselling Services

Located in North London

What can my counselling services offer you?

I can offer you support and guidance in a safe, confidential environment. I will not judge. Talking things though can be difficult, but talking will help bring things out into the open. I will offer you the chance to feel listened to with empathy, understanding and without judgement. 

I specialise in working with couples and individuals in a relationship focused approach.

Talking things through can help you see things differently

Talking with a counsellor will enable conversations to come to light about what is happening. It will help you to look differently at your situation and to explore different ways of managing this.

So rather than ignoring the issue, or dealing with it in the same old way and getting the same results, why not find new, more productive ways of dealing with the situation and achieving different, more positive results.

Is there a way to be happy together?

Being happy together is important, but firstly we need to be happy with ourselves. A great deal of couples that come to counselling for help with their relationship can start to question themselves about this.

Many think that the problem is their partner’s, but over time they become aware of the part they are playing. They start to understand that they too have a responsibility in the way they are behaving and that they can make changes that will be beneficial to their partner. In a relationship it is never one person’s fault.

Whether it be conscious or unconscious, we each bring into the relationship patterns and beliefs from our past. When an individual knows himself better, takes responsibly for their behaviour and has greater awareness, relationships become happier and healthier.

Would you like to give it a second chance?

Relationships are not easy at times and there comes a time that some couples question if it is just best to walk away. Counselling can provide an opportunity to explore whether there could be a way of moving forward together.

For some couples it could be a life line to helping their relationship get back on track, for others a way of finding a new way forward and for some a realisation that walking away is their best option.

If the latter is the case, counselling can enable you to separate in a way that can be more positive for both, especially if they are children involved.

Couples Counselling

Couple counselling will help with your relationship and enable you to move forward in a better healthier way. It will enable you both to talk about your issues, to communicate better and to have a healthier, more respectful and supportive relationship.

However, if through this process you find that you wish to separate, it will also support you both through this.

Counselling in LGBT Relationships

My experience of working with LGBT couples is that you want to be able to have happier, healthier, more respectful and supportive relationships, as we all do.

Being in a relationship that isn’t working for you can affect your sense of self, self esteem, confidence and your value.

Counselling for LGBT will work with not just with your relationship with your partner, but also your relationship with yourself. Being in a better place in yourself will mean that you can be in a better place with others.

What can individual counselling help you to achieve?

Individual counselling could be relational, or personal. Perhaps you are struggling with your partner’s behaviour, or have suffered trauma, or going through bereavement.

Individual counselling will help you to talk about what is troubling you, it can help you to gain awareness and enable you to move forward.


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